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Cupertino is a pioneer in India when it comes to network expansion and best-in-class franchise opportunities for preschool brands and investors.


Cupertino is the only innovative education services company that is deeply committed to building a better early education system through the franchising of preschools and helping people who are interested in preschool education to strengthen the foundation of our young learners with highly relevant operational practises, learning resources, curriculum, back office services, and jobs.

We were established in 2021 with the goal of growing to be the largest consortium of preschools in the nation, and we work to fulfill that goal by offering our services to financiers interested in high-quality education outreach. 

Franchise Opportunities available.

The decision to establish Cupertino was made with the intention of offering the best preschool early childhood education of quality schools in various regions of the nation.

Cupertino has professionals with more than ten years of experience in operational, academic, and technological support who can assist preschool chains in enhancing the returns on their investments.


We absolutely love what preschools offer to the next generation, and assisting preschools in maximizing the returns on their investments is one of the ways we support development.

  • Strengthening Early Childhood Education by promoting the best practices in franchising.

  • Help individuals identify the best investing opportunity and become an EDUPRENEUR.


  • To provide continual growth and progress for better improvement, higher achievement, and great success in preschool education from start to finish.


  • To create a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment that fosters the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.


  • To expand our reach and make our services more accessible to families and communities, both within and beyond our current locations.


  • To develop and maintain strong partnerships with families, community organizations, and local businesses to support the well-being and success of our students.


  • To become a leader in the early childhood education sector by demonstrating our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.



We serve various communities by bringing together investors, aspiring business owners, and individuals interested in boosting the provision of high-quality preschool education. We are here to develop an effective early learning ecosystem for children across India.


To Identify the ideal investment opportunity for you and to provide you with complete support from the start to the end.

  • Cupertino offers its clients expertise to establish value-enabled, forward-thinking franchises in the educational sector. We interact with our investors by offering them ongoing, custom support that we have created.


  • Our shared services domain makes sure that preschools have access to the best skills and procedures for running early childhood education centres, including HR, Finance, Policy Compliance, Resource management, and Quality Control, to name a few.

  • Our technological applications and interventions put the most modern educational technology and communication tools at the disposal of school administration, staff, and students, increasing efficiency and transparency throughout.


  • In addition to helping schools choose the most appropriate lesson plans, our curriculum services also offer implementation support, recurring updates, ongoing staff and teacher training, and much more.


  • In order to increase preschool-mankind engagement with our digital infrastructure and presence, we provide the preschool with marketing ideas and branding support to help them carve out a distinctive niche of their own.


  • The founders and leadership team of the schools collaborate closely with our investment consulting services to plan the next stage of growth, investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

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Assisting investors by delivering services, technology & solutions for ensuring better early childhood education in preschools with operational efficiency, controlling costs and maintaining business excellence.


To completely support educational investors and expand access to better and higher-quality education for our future generation throughout India.


Our values include creation and optimisation of resources with technology and services to maintain high ethical standards, good educational quality, safety, satisfaction and the business perspective of our clients.

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